Saturday, October 10, 2009

As you simplify ...

As you simplify your life,

the laws of the universe will be simpler;

solitude will not be solitude,

poverty will not be poverty,

nor weakness weakness.
Henry David Thoreau


L. D. Burgus said...

As I am trying to simplify my life and throw away the last of my mom's things and clean out my own basement, I brought home two little garden ornaments that I really don't like but were my mom's. A little boy and girl with funny hats holding animals. It is a bad thing. Maybe I will give them to the neighbor lady. I really am going to simplify!!! Nice quote and great photo.

Mrs. E said...

I've been simplifying all summer by decluttering. Not yet done, but getting closer! Every time I donate someting, sell something, or trash something--I feel lighter!

LeSan said...

This is a rich quote. I think when we simplfy we define our priorities in the process.

Darcie said...

I am more convinced everyday...the simple life is the greatest life. Full of joys for the little things. Thanks for sharing the quote.

Darla said...

Very rich indeed!

Carol said...

Poetry will always be poetry or will it... lovely. carol

FlowerLady said...

L.D. ~ Sometimes we just have to let go of things.

Mrs. E ~ Good for you. I'm sure you feel great having done that.

LeSan ~ You are so right. We realize what is really important.

Darcie ~ Yes, joy for the little things. It's the little things that make up most of our days.

Darla ~ More than we realize.

Carol ~ That's a good question.

Thank you all for your kind comments.