Thursday, November 5, 2009

Annie Got Her Gun

This is a wonderful story which I hope all of you will gain inspiration from.

To read the full article go to the link below.

Annie Got Her Gun

"Aim high at a high mark and you will hit it.

No, not the first time, nor the second, and maybe not the third.

But keep on aiming and keep on shooting.

For only practice will make you perfect.

Finally you'll hit the bull's-eye of success."
From the article


Darcie said...

Thanks for the reminder...sometimes we sell ourselves so short. Aiming higher today..thanks!

Joanne said...

Yes very true and something those of us fighting the controversy over Lyme Disease are doing all the time and little by little the IDSA is loosing ground and more and more chronically ill patients are getting treatment that helps them recover.

FlowerLady said...

Good morning Ladies ~

Darcie ~ Yes, we do sell ourselves short sometimes. The story was a wonderful, positive story.

Joanne ~ I wish you success. It must seem so frustrating at times.


Mrs. E said...

I like this! Annie Oakley was one of my favorite biographies to read when I was a kid.

Miss Gracie's House said...

I like this!...Thanks so much for the sweet words you left for me.

FlowerLady said...

Good morning.

Mrs. E ~ I always liked Annie Oakley too. This story about her was great!

Rene' ~ Glad you liked and you are quite welcome.