Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Roses and orchids

Good afternoon. Hope you all have had a lovely day today. I went out early to weedwack and do some weeding and trimming. Boy, once that sun reaches a certain point in the sky it starts being miserable. It was a hot, humid time in the gardens. I checked the weather and it was 89 but felt like it was 102, no wonder I was feeling dragged out. I just left some trimmings to be raked up tomorrow morning as I had had enough.

I did get out and took some pictures. I will have a couple of posts of them. This one is of Prosperity roses and Vanda orchids with hamelia patens or firebush in everyday humble garden language. :-)

Have a nice evening and a great day tomorrow.

Click on pictures for larger views.

Musings from FL zone 10


Chris said...

Beautiful flowers! I too can only stand the morning heat for a couple of hours and then is quitting time.

Mrs. E said...

Absolutely gorgeous flowers! And you are so right about the heat and humidity-- a little li!e a sauna here!

LeSan said...

I can almost smell them they are so beautiful. The blasted heat really does put a kink in things doesn't it? Why not just shove those clippings into the beds for early composting?? hehe

Autumn Belle said...

The prosperity rose is very beautiful - pure and white.

FlowerLady said...

Oh good grief! I posted this thread in the wrong blog. :-)

Thanks all for your comments and time spent reading and viewing.

Chris ~ Thanks for visiting. I see that you are in Arizona, and I can imagine it gets pretty hot there too.
It's the humidity that really gets to us here.

Mrs. E ~ Most definitely like a sauna.

LeSan ~ Too many weeds and shrubbery hard stems to put in flower beds. The county gathers it up and composts it at the main plant, then it's free to the public.

AutumnBelle ~ The Prosperity rose is one of my favorites.

Thanks again and enjoy your week and your gardens.